There is always some madness in love

    Chirag And Anuja

Our Love Story

I Carry Your Heart With Me

Science says opposite attracts and looking at us as a couple all we can say is "hence proved" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Five years down the lane. Today, When we see us tieing knot for a life together, All we can imagine is how fabulous these years have flown by right from random goa trip when we met for the 1st time to the time when we confessed our love for each other, from our first date in timbuctoo to our family's 1st meeting, from those many high clubbing parties to our serene candle light dinners. Everything is still so fresh and all we can do is not just remember these days but ensure that we create more and more such memories going forward. Obviously there is no relation which doesn't have their ups and downs, So was the case with us. When goa happened we both were like totally unknown to each other, though chirag started to have an infatuation towards anuja in goa when he saw her praying innocently outside a church but never conveyed his feelings to her as it was just 72 hrs since they have met. Gradually, when they returned back to mumbai. There was something missing back in GOA from both their lives. but little did they knew that it was each others company. Returning to mumbai there was a trend going on about celebrating 100 happy days with a hashtag on instagram which they decided to follow along with the same goa troupe which gave both of them better reason to meet up and hang out.


Chirag Agarwal



Anuja Kedia


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Chirag would always be that chilled out sober guy and anuja would be like an house on fire always looking for some adventure but He never barged and never missed a single opportunity to sweep her off her feet. He cooking some great pasta for her and planning her birthday with a boom, taking leaves and always going out of the way to meet her up were the little sweet gestures that had started to show his liking for anuja . Whereas anuja's heart skipped a beat on new years eve, When chirag din't turn up in the group and nothing seemed right and perfect to her till he appeared late as a surprise. She was stunned to feel her heart melt and run towards him amongst the whole crowd. All she wanted was to confess her feelings for him.

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Beginning 2015 in awe of each other knowing the good and bad in each one of us. Admiring the good part and accepting the bad. We completely were head over heels to be together all the time and knew that this togetherness, is going to be "forever". And today. Right from our rokha day of nervousness to writing this day , feeling pampered, cared for, loved and understood. All I can say is, love grows with each passing day if two people decide on to be forever.

" I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams."

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SANGIT NIGHT- Cidade De Daman, Daman

WEDDING - Cidade De Daman, Daman

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Chirag And Anuja