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I Carry Your Heart With Me

It was a normal arrange marriage meeting scene when we first met. It was 17 June 2018 when we first saw each other. It was normal meeting, We didn't talk much.I thought may be he didn't like me and so got out of the space so fast. But next morning daddy got a call from them, My father in law said that they liked me alot and want to discuss things further.But the scenario at our place was different this time. We were not ready for it so early. I needed time. I asked my parents to arrange a small meeting where I could talk to him freely and know him better to take my final decision.My parents arranged a meeting where everyone from his and my family were at home and we went out for a drive with my younger sister (shama). We went vapi to McDonald and talked about a lot of things. I found him too funny. It was a full of laughter joyful ride for me. I always wanted a partner who has a good sense of humour. Then I let him knew my dislikes and likes and I said him that I wear specs to which he laughed and said "isme kya hua" "specs me aap aur achi lagti hogi"While returning he asked me for my number. We exchanged our numbers.We came back home and I said my parents that he is a nice guy. Rest is their decision now. Later that day our engagement dates were discussed. At night we first time talked on phone only for 2 mins??. Next day when I went school he called me to ask me whether I had my breakfast or no n all. days passed normally. We use to talk alot by then. I wanted to go to skin clinic for my routine follow ups to which he said he will take me there n we got a chance to meet. We met for the first time alone without parents n sisters. After I came back to car from the clinic he got me flowers n chocolates as a surprise. After that day we started meeting frequently and spend time with each other.


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On 23/7/ 2018 we got engaged. That was one of the best moments of my life. We were very comfortable by now so everyone thought we had an affair and it's our love marriage.Though it was arrange marriage but for us it was our love marriage. Everyone wanted me to loose weight but he used to take me out and let me eat anything I want without letting my family know about it. I used to love that. We used to meet chup chupke like boyfriend girlfriend.After our engagement we went to my jethanis place where I got chance to spend more time with him n got to see all small things that he does for me. Washing apples to give me, keeping food plates in front of me first so I could take all nice chicken pieces ?? waiting for me outside hotel washrooms, taking care of everything related to me so I don't feel uncomfortable. That was the time when I really felt for him n it was our moment of love.

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The days passed and we came closer. We started meeting every single day. With every passing day we fall more for each other. Our wedding date was announced everything was going great. He promised me to keep me happy and I realised it with passing days that he was keeping his promise. 27/1/19 we got married it was the best day of my life.That journey had a very beautiful effect on our love life and I reaised that marrying him will be our best decision ever.

" My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever, and ending at never. "

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